Classic Slots Scratch

Scratch slot machine.

Classic Slots Scratch is an online casino game that combines several elements of a scratch card. It’s characterized by a certain aesthetic, classicism, by searching for balance and sobriety, which relates to a period considered particularly brilliant or balanced, and has served as a reference for later periods.

Scratch game features

  • Type: Free slots
  • Available on computer: yes
  • Available on mobile: yes
  • Available on a shelf: yes

Like most scratch card games, players can choose to shuffle up to 3 times their cards between purchases. However, changing the orientation of the cards and such is not available during automatic play.

Bonus games

Playing Classic Slots Scratch is all about winning available bonuses and Free Spins!

Classic slots scratch.

Each round of the slot game gives you 3 chances to win. All you have to do is to make known, show or uncover the symbols hidden on each of the 3 slots and if you find 3 that are related in symmetry and harmony, you will win up to 10,000 times your bet.

The purchase of a scratch card is $1 by default. You are free to use the “Minus” button to lower this amount to 50 cents or the “Plus” button to raise it to 2, 5 or even $10. The default jackpot for a scratch card is $10,000, but if you pay $5 instead, you will at least be surprised to find that it goes up to $50,000. The highest overall jackpot is $100,000 and requires a purchase price of $10. Although the game gives you three sets of reels on each purchase and allows you to win on each one, the total prize amount will never exceed the maximum scratch card at the current purchase price.


The reels’ symbols include bars, lemons, cherries, grapes, plums, bells, and the seven. The payment is determined by the amount mentioned underneath the reels on which you see 3 identical images. All these symbols do not influence the amount of the payment. You can, for example, get $1000 for 3 bells and 3 cherries.


Do you love online scratch cards? Try Classic Slots Scratch, which can be just as much fun but offers a lot more variety. It’s a very colorful and impressive slot games with the possibility of hitting the $1,000,000 jackpot.

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