Terms of Service

When you use Indigo Slots, you should remember that all the information provided can be used only for educational purposes and is not legal advice in resolving any issues. In addition, you should bear in mind that the use of the info obtained for illegal activities is prohibited. Besides, the site has the following rules:

  1. The service is intended for familiarization, therefore, the errors in the texts cannot be the reason for legal proceedings.
  2. Users are solely responsible for bets they have made and other actions in games in online casinos.
  3. The mentioned trademarks, brands, processes and technologies belong to their rightful owners, therefore they cannot be licensed by third parties.
  4. The information service is an independent directory that provides information on experience in gambling.
  5. Damage caused by using these materials is not the responsibility of the owners of Indigo Slots.

Requests to delete the provided information may be rejected without consideration, except in cases where the information is false, vulgar, obscene, discriminatory and other subtexts that violate articles of international law.

Complaint Service

Indigo Slots can help resolve disputes with a specific service provider. Cases, when the information provided, is incomplete or there are no reasonable grounds are not considered. When compiling a complaint, you should remember that the operator of a particular casino has the legal right to transfer any data about the user’s account (email address, gambling logs, activity). The information received is used solely to compile a complete picture of the violation.

Complaints are handled by e-mail. Other means of communication with the employee of the Service are not allowed. The maximum acceptable response time for a player and casino operator is 96 hours. Repeated examination of the complaint is impossible without providing good reasons. The number of repetitions of the application does not exceed 2 times on both sides.

Rules for using comments

The Indigo Slots service has the right to block an account in case of posting information that violates international law. Prohibited materials include false, inaccurate, discriminatory, abusive, vulgar, or obscene material. Posting such data is prohibited in signatures, links, bookmarks, photos and avatars.

Since users are not monitored, the service is not responsible for the content of messages. In case of offensive texts, we recommend sending a formal complaint. Responsibility for the message rests solely with the author of the statement. The Service has the right to disclose the identity of the account holder in the event of litigation or a formal complaint.

Users who violate the rules of the service for the first time will be informed of their violation. A warning for light misconducts can only be sent once. Don’t miss your second chance!

Communication Rules

Users are forbidden to make statements that can be considered as advertising, promotion of third-party online objects. Chats cannot be used as communication with the Complaints Service. Failure to comply with these rules may result in the suspension or complete blocking of your account.