Responsible Game

Responsible Gaming: what is it?

People are currently gambling more than ever. With the advent of the Internet, many various games have gone online. And, if you add the fact that people of today own mobile devices, the probability of playing online is higher than offline.

The access to online gambling has created problems for many customers who are passionate about this hobby. In turn, this imposes responsibility on game operators, and as a result, the concept of “responsible game” was born.

The term “responsible gambling” is becoming more and more used. That is, the operators of online games want to help too enthusiastic players to realize and accept their weakness in relation to gambling and take control of themselves. This will avoid the negative impact on potential players’ lives.

What help methods do online gambling operators use?

The level of operator support varies as does their attitude towards responsible players. At the same time, not all gambling operators are loyal to their customers. This is largely because of the profit – they can increase it at the expense of vulnerable players. Before registering with one of the online gambling systems, users have to make sure that the regulator has the right license to conduct such activities.

What support methods do online gambling operators propose for their customers? Here they are:

  1. Time without games. If a player understands that there is a risk of making a bad decision during the session, the operators must pause the game for a certain time – 1 day to 6 weeks.
  2. Self-exclusion. A player who feels that he needs a longer and more austere restriction can use self-exclusion. The period of self-exclusion varies from six months to 5 years. In extreme cases, this period may be extended.
  3. Limits on sessions, deposits, losses. Despite the fact that UKGC doesn’t indicate the availability of limits for players, this mechanism of customer support is really desirable.

Each regulator has its own limitations, which differ only in rigor and austerity.

What methods of control can players use?

Gambling is still one of the interesting ways to have a good time. However, this lasts until players cross the line, since gambling doesn’t have the most positive effect on life and relationships with your loved ones.

Risks and losses can be minimized if you follow some simple rules:

  1. Do not consider gambling as an easy way to make money. Euphoria from winning covers you with the head. But this doesn’t mean that you need to make gambling your main source of income.
  2. Set the limit for losing. The result of your bet can be anything. However, never use the money intended to support your family for betting.
  3. Game activity should not be long. Try to take breaks. Playing too often can slow down the process of making the right decision. As a result, you can lose your money.
  4. Do not chase the money you’ve lost. A player who has lost, often tries to recoup during the same session. However, as practice shows, often it can result in even greater loss. Try to stop and accept the fact that your money is gone.

Gambling is a good way to gain some extra finances. But, you shouldn’t resort to this option if you are not sure that you can stop in time.

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