Cookie policy

To understand how and why cookies are used, we need to define this term. Cookies are data that our website and partner sites store on a computer or other device when you visit our web page. Basically, we use cookies to improve our service.

When these files are used, the client’s computer remembers all the settings and loads the data of the web resource automatically. When you visit a web page, a message usually appears at the bottom asking whether you accept cookies or not. If you reject the offer, this window will pop up every time you visit the resource.

Accepting cookies ensures that the service of the gambling operator’s site receives credit for the game, regardless of whether you sign up to the system now or do it later. Whether or not you should accept cookies is up to you. Even if you agreed, and then decided to refuse, you can change this in the browser settings. You can also delete cookies directly from your device.

Cookie providers

These cookies are needed to use the web service in an effective way. Cookies come from the following resources:

  1. Social media. We use and save several accounts from users’ social media to integrate them into our web page. This allows players to contact us in any convenient way.
  2. WordPress. This platform is used to program and create sites.
  3. Aweber. This tool is used to manage email lists. Cookies are placed on your device with the help of the forms integrated on the site that enable visitors to subscribe to our newsletters.
  4. Google Analytics. The most important tool on any site. With the help of analytics, owners of web portals can see, analyze and understand how users interact with the resource.

Google Analytics allows us to identify how much time a visitor spent on our site, what target action he or she performed, using which source this user got to the site, whether there were any links to other pages or the visitor just left the web portal. Basically, thanks to Google Analytics, we can understand what is interesting to our users and what is not. In addition, it allows us to create more useful content for our visitors.