Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker comes from the small island of Aruba off the coast of Venezuela. You can play for real money or for free with an optimal strategy evaluated at 52.23% of the time, for an average total bet of 2.045 units. Examine the similarities and differences between the games.


  • Type: Cards game.
  • Available on computer: yes.
  • Available on mobile: yes.
  • Available on a shelf: yes.
  • Minimum bet: 1€.
  • Maximum bet: 100€.
  • Team score: 6.2 / 10

Caribbean Stud Poker bonus games

It is possible to have €2,500 in your pocket as a welcome bonus!

Caribbean Stud Poker logo.
Caribbean Stud Poker

The bonus game is where the player’s bet serves as a bonus that gives you extra €1 to pay for colour or better. The specific pay tables depend on the location, but always have a progressive jackpot, which pays 100% of the counter jackpot for a royal flush and 10% for a straight flush. The first or second player can win the jackpot, usually €/$10,000. Before the player receives his 5 cards, he must place a first bet called the “ante”. The dealer then proceeds to deal the cards so that each player will have 5 cards, face down. The dealer’s 5th card will be the only card that is face up. Indeed, the participant plays against the dealer (or dealer) being the representative of the bank; the bank is the main and only opponent of the participants.


You’ll find most of the elements such as A-K-Q and A-K-J.


Demo games are already available. Check our online slots which are free too. All you have to do is play Caribbean Stud Poker online for free and enjoy real money action, even if you are a small player. Few players are so inexperienced that they can play for as little as €/$0.01 per ante bet or €/$0.03 for a full.

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