European Roulette

Roulette is one of the easiest gambling games. A large percentage of gamblers around the world love to play roulette. It is available in multiple versions, but today, we are going to target the European roulette online. It is obvious that the European roulette features a European roulette table. Rather than two green zeros as in the American version, European roulette has only one green zero.

This variant of roulette is pretty easy as compared to other variants. On this page, we have shared complete details of the European roulette online. If you are tired of playing card games, so it’s time to give a try the European roulette online.

Start your journey with European roulette for free

Starting with the free version of the European roulette is the best option to understand the game. Even if you do not have enough budget to play for real money, you can keep enjoying the European roulette free online.

European roulette free online.

At the start, you will get 2000 free credits. You can use these credits to get familiar with the game rules and structure. Even, you can also practice the game strategy in the free version, so it could be implemented accurately while playing for real money. European roulette free online is highly recommended for inexperienced gamblers.

European roulette vs American roulette

Many people think the American and European versions of roulette are the same, but that’s not true. If you are also confused regarding both of these roulette variants, then you should be reading every single word of this section carefully.

Following are the main differences between American roulette and European roulette online:

  • The table layouts of both roulette variants are different.
  • As we mentioned before, there are two green pockets in the American roulette, but European roulette features just a single green pocket.
  • European roulette odds are higher than the American roulette odds when betting on specific numbers.

How to play European roulette

To start playing European roulette, you need to select the chips first to place a bet. The chips are available in different sizes. You can place the bet on different combinations such as red/black, even/odd, or single numbers. To play higher odds, you can place a bet on the single numbers.

Once you are satisfied with your bets, now, it’s time to spin the wheel. You can spin the wheel by pressing a spin button that is located at the right bottom of the screen. You can also repeat the bet if you like it by pressing the repeat button.


In this review, we have shared all the important details about European roulette. Keeping in view all features of the game, we would highly recommend European roulette to every kind of gambler. Even if you are new to the online casino, then taking a start with European roulette wouldn’t be a bad idea. The free version of the game is available so you could become familiar with the European roulette play structure.

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