Beetle Bingo Scratch Slot

Bingo refers to a lottery game where each player has a card marked like a grid with numbers. Thus, on this Beetle Bingo Scratch free slot machine, the scratch cards are made by real ladybugs. Find out more by trying the free demo without downloading.


  • Type: Scraper sets
  • Available on computer: yes
  • Available on mobile: yes

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Beetle Bingo Scratch is a scratch card played in both arcades and real money modes and can earn up to $200,000. You will use two standard packs of 52 cards with no jokers. The main thing will be to recognize selected numbers by shooting balls or numbered tokens from a reserve. You will also be able to do this using an electronic randomizer. You, the players, will mark all the numbers called on their cards, and the first player to mark a complete line wins a prize. Also known as Lotto, Bingo is a board game related to chance and luck!

Bingo online slot.

Beetle bingo scratch slot.

Each player has cards with number grids on them: each number is drawn randomly, and the player has to mark the numbers on his card with a tick when the player has filled a row, a column, or even a whole card! The jackpot is according to the value of the card. The highest jackpot is $10,000 for the $1 default card and $200,000 for the $20 card. You will have 3 bingo tickets per scratch card purchase at your disposition, and it will be possible to win on all 3, but the total win amount is never more than the top jackpot prize.


There are no ordinary symbols because it’s the Bingo. So, here are boxes with number grids on them.


This very popular game of chance is played with family, friends, or at large gatherings of amateurs. The goal of Bingo’s game is to be the first player to complete the entire number grid. Play Online Bingo with this collection of board games related to the excellent Lotto game!

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