The Series of Asian Slot Games by NetEnt

whose the bride slot

Asian players and fans of NetEnt are excited to welcome the newest release. Who’s the Bride? is a Chinese slot game designed with a wedding theme in mind.
Exquisite designs, harmonious music playing in the background and gorgeous characters immerse players in Chinese fantasy. This particular game includes five reels and nine lines. Gamblers can enjoy a variety of engaging and fun features such as Sticky Wilds, numerous Free Spins, and Scatter wins.
Who’s the Bride? is a rather simple and straightforward slot game. However, minimalist slots are often even better than those packed with action and loud noises. This game is a magnificently crafted experience that will take every player on an unforgettable journey through the Asian dream. Playing such a gorgeous game and winning prizes at the same time is even more pleasing.

Bryan Upton, Game Director working in NetEnt, confirms what everybody is thinking about the game. He is the person responsible for product development and content management as well. The game has already become one of the fan favorites due to its simplicity and plenty of rewards.

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